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   Name  Field and Homepage
1 Prof. Dr. Roswitha März Differential-Algebraic Equations
2 Prof. Dr. Cemil Tunc Theory of ODE 
3 Prof. Dr. Angelo B. Mingarelli Sturm-Liouville Theory 
4 Prof. Dr. Alexandra Rodkina Stability Theory of Stochastic Differential Equations 
5 Prof. Dr. M. Mursaleen Functional Analysis 
6 Prof. Dr. M. Asadzadeh Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations 
7 Prof. Dr. Fikret Aliev Optimal Control Theory 
8 Prof. Dr. Yusif Gasimov Inverse Problems 
9 Prof. Dr. Gerald Teschl Spectral and Inverse Spectral Theory for Differential Equations 
10 Prof. Dr. Elman Hasanoglu Partial Differential Equations 
11 Dr. Stefania Tomasiello Computational Mathematics, and Numerical Analysis 
12 Prof. Dr. Mohammadreza Pourmohammadi Head of Tabriz University 
13 Prof. Dr. M. Moghaddam Vahed Vice-Chancellery for Research and Technology of Tabriz University 
14 Dr. H. Emam Alipour  Mathematical Analysis 
15 Prof. Dr. A. Jodayree Akbarfam  Sturm–Liouville theory 
16 Prof. Dr. K. Ivaz  Partial Differential Equations
17 Dr. S. H. Marasi  Sturm-Liouvill Theory, and Asymptotic Analysis
18 Prof. Dr. S. Shahmorad  Integral Equations 
19 Dr. A. Ranjbari  Mathematical Analysis 
20 Prof. Dr. H. Kheiri  Dynamical System
21 Prof. Dr. M. Lakestani  Numerical Analysis 
22 Dr. M. Javidi  Fractional Differential Equation 
23 Dr. G. Ebadi  Numerical Linear Algebra
24 Dr. J. Vakili  Operations Research 
25 Prof. Dr. G. Hojjati  Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations 
26 Dr. A. Abdi  Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations 
27 Dr. F. Bahrami  Patial Differential Equations, and Fuzzy Logic 
28 Dr. R. Alikhani  Fuzzy Differential Equations 
29 Dr. M. Zeinali  Fuzzy Numerical Analysis
30 Dr. R. Khanjani  Operations Research 
31 Dr. D. Ahmadian  Financial Mathematics 
32 Dr. S. Irandoust  Wavelet Analysis 
33 Dr. M. Hadizadeh Yazdi  Integral Equations 
34 Dr. H. Azari  Partial Differential Equations 
35 Dr. A. Haghighi  Stochastic Differential Equations 
36 Prof. Dr. A. Aghajani  Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, and Fixed Point Theory
37 Prof. Dr. M. Molaei  Dynamical Systems 
38 Dr. B. Ghazanfari  Numerical Analysis
39 Prof. Dr. S. Abbasbandi  Numerical Analysis 
40 Dr. A. Khastan  Fuzzy Differential Equations 
41 Prof. Dr. M. Jahanshahi  Dynamical Systems 
42 Dr. K. Ghanbari  Differential equations, Inverse problems, and Matrix Linear Operators